Building Deck & DIY Platform for a Grill
BBQ Basics: Techniques You Need to Know

Grilling Tips

Weber charcoal grills and gas barbecues give you great grilled results every time because they are designed to give you ultimate control of your grilling temperature and cooking method. Here we explain the secret to great grilling.

Grilling Tips
Direct Method

The Direct Method is similar to broiling. Food is cooked directly over the heat source. For even cooking, food should be turned once halfway through the grilling time. Use the Direct method for foods that take less than 25 minutes to cook: like steaks, chops, kabobs, sausages and vegetables. Direct cooking is also necessary to sear meats. Searing creates that wonderful crisp, caramelized texture where the food hits the grate. It also adds nice grill marks and flavour to the entire food surface. Steaks, chops, chicken pieces, and larger cuts of meat all benefit from searing.

Grilling Tips
Indirect Method

The Indirect Method is similar to roasting, but with the added benefits of that grilled texture, flavour, and appearance you can't get from an oven. Heat rises, reflects off the lid and inside surfaces of the grill, and slowly cooks the food evenly on all sides. The circulating heat works much like a convection oven, so there's no need to turn the food. Use the Indirect Method for foods that require 25 minutes or more of grilling time or for foods that are so delicate that direct exposure to the heat source would dry them out or scorch them.

Grilling safety requires placing your grill on a flat, level surface that remains free of combustible materials that could catch fire should you experience grill flare-ups or your fire produces sparks.
Building a simple deck for your grill can provide a safe location to cook outdoors without worry. Choose from several different decking materials to build a deck that fits your style and level of building experience.
Regardless of which simple deck style you choose to use for your grill, you must prepare the ground beneath the area. You may need to level the surface if you intend to install the deck on the ground rather than install a raised deck.
You can find a variety of snap together decking tiles to use when building a simple grilling deck. These tiles are made from different hardwood and composite materials, such as teak, eucalyptus, recycled woods and recycled plastics.

How to clean your outdoor furniture

You have tucked geraniums and pansies to the flowerpots, assessed the Barbecue to be certain it's ready to use and trimmed a couple of new recipes to test out as the outdoor dining room starts. But there is yet another task before you are prepared for visitors: Your outdoor furniture requires a little TLC after a chilly out from the components.
Fundamental cleaning

To get a cleaning solution Generally, warm water dislodges dirt better than cold water. But don't get it too hot when you're cleaning outdoor furniture, particularly slings and cushions. Most producers of outdoor fabrics warn against using anything hotter than 100 degrees.

Patio furniture.

Why Use transparent dishwashing liquid, rather than a creamy kind or a different kind of detergent? Creamy formulations contain ingredients you do not need. And dishwasher and laundry detergent are more caustic than formulas designed for contact.


If the Standard cleaning with dishwashing soap and warm water still leaves bits appearing grubby, put on rubber gloves and wash again with a quarter-cup of dishwasher detergent in a gallon of warm water, or with up to 2 tablespoons of oxygen bleach per gallon of water. Dishwasher detergent and oxygen bleach contain sodium percarbonate, which reacts in water to form hydrogen peroxide (a bleach that finally decomposes to oxygen and water ) and sodium carbonate, a cleaning agent also called soda ash. To lighten any mould stains which remain even after you've rinsed off this second cleaning alternative, use 1 cup bleach per 1 gallon water. If the furniture then looks great, gloss with paste wax, as if you would use on a car. The slick surface helps repel dirt and makes the bits easier to wash.

What In case your plastic furniture looks stained or faded after cleanup? Though you may be tempted to throw it out and start over, you are likely able to salvage it with paint. Wipe off the debris, then spray on a finish such as Krylon Fusion for Plastic. Or use a miniature roller and brush to apply a"sticks to anything" primer such as Zinsser's Bull's Eye 1-2-3. Once dry, top with standard water-based paint.


If Furniture is actually grubby, use a scrub brush or wash pad throughout the basic cleaning. If furniture is constructed of cedar or other soft timber, scrub only in the direction of the wood grain. Teak is hard enough that the wash pattern doesn't actually matter.

If essential cleaning Is not enough, on soft wood such as cedar you'll be able to go with a second cleaning using dishwasher detergent or oxygen bleach, much like plastic furniture. When the wood dries, if the surface is very rough, sand down the ridges using medium-grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge, then going from the direction of the wood grain.

You Can allow wood weather naturally or add colour by employing an acrylic, wood stain or even paint. We recommend not putting teak oil on teak. If any moisture is in the timber, it can trap that moisture and make mold stains.  We noted that the whole idea of oiling teak began because the timber is used on boats exposed to salt spray, which leaches out the natural oil. With terrace furniture, there is no demand.

If You've got cedar furniture or bits made from a different soft wood, a stain that blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun can be helpful, because UV rays break down wood fibers. Paint cubes UV, too, but it's the drawback of being likely to peel horizontal surfaces when the furniture is frequently left out in the rain. In that circumstance, a stain is better because it will not peel.


Traditional Wicker furniture is made of plant materials, frequently topped with paint. But now a great deal of wicker-type furniture is made from synthetics, usually vinyl. For the fundamental cleaning, use just a sponge or a rag on traditional wicker that's painted, which means you don't chip the paint. You are able to wash more on unpainted or synthetic wicker.

If You place loose strands, then tuck them back in. Natural wicker becomes more pliable when moist, so it's the ideal time to create these simple repairs. If larger regions are coming loose, you might need a pro to do the fix.

You Can repaint natural wicker to refresh its look or alter its color. Use standard exterior paint, either a spray or brush-on. If you just want to get the existing paint, you can probably purchase matching paint through the store where you purchased the furniture, especially if you bought from a store that specializes in patio furniture and attributes U.S. brands. "When it came off a box container from China, you are going to go to hardware store to find the best match they can make.


Most Metal outdoor furniture has been painted to prevent rust, though stainless steel and aluminum are sometimes left bare. Rust can happen even on stainless steel, and it is definitely an issue with any sort of painted metal furniture apart from aluminum, which may corrode but doesn't rust.

If You place rust, then rub down to bare metal using with steel wool or sandpaper. "The more on top of it you are, the lack of an issue it's going to be," Ray says. As with wicker, locate matching touch-up paint at which you purchased the furniture. Or attempt, which stocks 225 colors of touch-up paint pens, half-ounce bottles and spray cans. On unpainted stainless steel, clearly, you won't need touch-up paint. But do note the fine brush marks at the original end, and operate off any rust by scrubbing at precisely the same direction.

If you Want to alter the color of metal furniture, so it is possible to repaint it yourself get even better results by turning over the job to a firm equipped to do powder coating, a process where paint particles are employed dry, using a electric charge, and are then baked to make a finish that flows into all the very small nooks and crannies before hardening to an extremely durable finish. If you repaint on your own, dull the present complete with steel wool if you don't guess the paint is so old that it might contain lead. In that situation, use an etching product sold at paint shops instead. You do not need primer on the present paint, however do spot-prime any bare metal with an alkyd (oil-based) primer. For the new finish, look at using an alkyd paint. Water-based ends work, however, the end will not be hard.

Outdoor cloths

Outdoor Cushions, slings, seat covers and umbrella covers may be cotton wool or other thick, organic material but are more likely a synthetic like acrylic (Sunbrella being a popular manufacturer ), polyester or vinyl. In case the producer's care label remains attached, follow the instructions. If you do not understand what kind of materials you're addressing, a fundamental cleaning with sterile, warm water is always secure. If fabric is removable, then you can use a washing machine set to a gentle cycle, but not use a dryer. Reinstall slings and covers while the cloth is damp so it stretches to fit.

If Mildew stains remain, check the care label to find out whether you can use chlorine bleach, or check in an inconspicuous area whether 1 tablespoon of bleach mixed into 1 cup of water eliminates the stain without wrecking the color or feel of the cloth. If all's well, create a larger batch with 1 cup bleach per 1 gallon water.
Some outside fabrics are Treated with a water repellent that cleanup eliminates.
Outdoor Cushions ought to have filling that resists mould, but it's nonetheless a good idea to get them dry as rapidly as possible. When there is no zipper, then just place the cushion with one end down.
Keep it looking good

After You're done, keep your outside furniture in great shape by spreading a towel before you apply suntan lotions or oils. When you go inside for the day, pay for the cushions or bring them inside with you. But don't wrap cushions in vinyl; this prevents mould.

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